How does the process of designing a new product works?
Our journey to design a new product begins with the determination of project goals and mutual agreement. Design is a process and we involve you in every step of it. That way we can continue this process easily and happily between both sides. This is important to us because having a good relationship during the process helps us for being more creative.​​​​​​​
We understand you and your users.
We understand the current situation, needs and goals in the meetings we hold with our customers. We develop a strategy with the brief received in line with these needs and goals. After determining the areas, functions and products that will be the subject of the project, we decide on the methodology that we are going to use.
In this way, we create the proposal's content, the project plan, the calendar and the budget. Then, after the proposal is approved, the contract is signed.
As a result of the research process, we analyze your target audience's needs, motivations, and barriers. Then, in the light of all these findings, we determine our strategy; that is, we build the solution path.
We report the research and analysis techniques applied in line with the determined strategies; we draw the panorama of the current situation and present it to you.
We do not start the design process by making aesthetic decisions quickly. First, we design the flows and skeletons; then, we add the visual world. Finally, we transform the data and insights obtained during the research phase into design decisions.
We implement a prototype of design decisions, test it with the users we involve at the very beginning of the process, and test it at an early stage, anticipating the reactions our ideas will face as they come to life. Then, we move on to designing the structure that we proved to be correct in the final. ‍‍ Finally, we visualize this flow, which we have proven to be accurate, together with designers who are experts in their fields and turn them into elegant designs, taking into account the trends.
What services do we design?
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